Carers eligibility criteria

As a carer you may be eligible for support from the council whether or not the adult you care for has eligible needs.


These 3 questions are used to work out whether you are eligible for carers support from the council:

  1. Do your needs arise because you are providing necessary care for an adult?
  2. Do these needs mean you are unable to achieve any of the tasks or 'outcomes' below?
  3. As a result of this, is there likely to be a significant impact on your wellbeing?

You must meet all three of the criteria stated above to be eligible.


We will look at whether you are unable to do any of the following tasks as a result of your caring duties:

  • carry out caring responsibilities for a child as well as the adult you are caring for
  • provide care to other people you are responsible for
  • maintain a habitable and safe home environment for yourself    
  • manage your own nutrition
  • maintain family or other personal relationships   
  • take part in work, training, education or volunteering   
  • make use of facilities or services in your local community
  • have free time for hobbies and relaxation

What happens next?

Contact us‚Äč to arrange a carers assessment if you think you may meet the eligibility criteria for our services. 

Not eligible for help

Our finding help page has lots of information and advice if you are not eligible for help from the council.

Further information

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Contact us for more information

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