Driving into older age

This service is available to drivers over 70 years of age or any driver who wants to carry on driving after illness, particularly cognitive impairment, such as after a Stroke or Dementia diagnosis. This service will currently be available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but I will increase availability if there is sufficient demand. The service is available from a person's home or any other venue in the Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch area. My website will give more information, https://www.worldofolderdrivers.com/ Also this email address, woodbcp@gmail.com or my phone number 01202 064083.

The term 'Older Drivers' is often used to describe perceived road safety problems that occur as we get older.

In fact, in many ways, the opposite tends to be true and, in the absence of illness or disability we generally become safer as we age.

In addition we manage safety by compensating for the gradual changes that take place due to ageing by staying more local, for example, or avoiding night driving.

It is true that when a fatal accident occurs where an 'older driver' is involved the headline writers naturally assume it is age that causes the problem and that by the time we reach older age we should be taken off the road.

In reality, the background information we get about such accidents is very restricted. For example, we are not normally told about the mental or physical health of the driver or even eyesight problems.

In our experience there is a medical reason behind most high risk drivers. It's just that as we age we are more likely to develop a level of cognitive impairment or reduced vision. 

And yet most research that is commissioned and most service providers treat 'older drivers' as one group.

We believe that there is a strong need for more support for those who develop certain medical conditions.

Currently, the recognised standard or confidence building driving assessment offered by various organisation using Approved Driving Instructors is not sufficient for this purposes as it can give misleading advice and false confidence.

But the next step up, which is normally to visit a Driving Mobility Centre, can be too much of a jump for those that only intend to drive very locally in order to maintain that all important independence.

We aim to fill the gap through offering a service which can not only raise awareness of any unsafe issues but can also help medical professionals advise DVLA of a persons fitness to drive by delivering a suitable driving assessment, delivered by driving assessors who have vast experience in this field.

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