Getting out and about

How to get out and about and stay in touch with others.

There are many activities taking place across Dorset to help you to get out, meet people and socialise.  Take a look at our directory using the links below to activities (included in our 'day opportunities' section) and lunch clubs:


Volunteering is a good way for you to share your own skills, learn new ones and contribute to community projects. 

Learning new skills

The  University of the Third Age (U3A) (opens in a new window) offers retired people a chance to study many subjects including art, languages, music, history, crafts and computing.

Health walks

You may want to consider taking part in regular short guided health walks that take place every week throughout Dorset. These free walks offer a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and meet new people as well as keeping you fit and healthy. You can find out more information for each town below or take a look on the Walking for health (opens in a new window) website:

Memory loss and dementia

Memory cafes (opens in a new window) are a great way for those living with memory loss and dementia to meet with others in a social setting. 


Libraries in Dorset do much more than lend books. They have a range of events and opportunities to meet people, such as reading groups, craft and chat groups and computer learning groups. Details of your local library and what is on offer, including the Home Library Service can be found on your council website:

Day centres

Day centres are a popular place for activities during the day.


Meetup (opens in a new window) is a free website that can help you make friends and form small social groups with people who share your interests. You enter in the hobbies that interest you and the website then searches for people who live nearby and share your hobbies. You can decide whether to get in contact and make friends with them, and maybe go together to events taking place locally.

If you need help getting online, we have details of organisations across Dorset who can help you to learn how to use computers.


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