Home adaptations

Adapting your home to meet your needs could make it easier to get around or carry out daily tasks.

Information and advice

Minor adaptations

Types of minor adaptations include:

  • a handrail by the toilet;
  • a banister rail along the stairs;
  • handrails and steps to enable access to your home;
  • alterations to steps, or putting in a ramp, to enable you to get into and out of your home (if the cost is under £1,000).

Major adaptations

Types of major adaptations include:

  • a stairlift to take you to the bathroom or toilet if they are situated upstairs;
  • replacing your bath with a shower if you cannot get into the bath and are unable to carry out personal care in any other way; or
  • a ramp to enable you to get in and out of your home (if the cost is over £1,000).

How we can help

An Occupational Therapist (OT) will carry out an assessment of your needs.  The OT will discuss with you and observe the ways in which you have difficulty doing things in everyday life. 

As part of the assessment the OT may arrange for an architect or surveyor to find out whether it is feasible to carry out alterations on your home and the ways in which this may be done.  For larger alterations, the architect/surveyor may draw 'sketch schemes' which are drawings to help you and the OT make a decision about the best and most cost-effective way to overcome your difficulties.  

The OT may need to contact your doctor, physiotherapist or district nurse to find out how your difficulties will affect you in the future (they will ask for your permission before doing this).

Adult Social Care do not charge for arranging the provision of the adaptation.

Who owns the adaptation?

  • If you own your home the adaptation becomes part of your property when it is complete and you are responsible for any maintenance of or repair to it.  
  • If your property is owned by BCP Council, PHP or a housing association the adaptation becomes the property of that organisation and they are responsible for the maintenance of and repair to it.   

What will happen next

The OT will be the key person to contact if you have any queries about the adaptation.  The OT will offer professional advice and ensure that the adaptation recommended is necessary and appropriate for your needs.  The OT can provide details of local contractors if you wish to fund the adaptations yourself.  If your home is owned by BCP Council, PHP or a housing association, the OT can send a recommendation letter to that organisation giving details of the adaptation and why it is needed.

Further information

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