Personal budgets

Money from the council to use for your care and support.

Personal budgets

A personal budget is the money the council allocates to you to meet your care and support needs.

We want you to be as involved as possible in choosing and arranging the care and support you need.  We call this self directed support.

When your support plan is agreed we will have a clear idea of the care you need and how much it will cost. Most people have to pay something towards the cost of their care.

You can choose how to use your personal budget providing it meets the outcomes in your support plan. This may include support for you to take part in leisure and social activities.

Managing your personal budget

You will need to decide how you want to receive and manage your personal budget. You can choose from;

  • Direct Payments from the council which give you complete control
  • support arranged by the council
  • a combination of both of these

In order to get the right support you can choose to employ your own staff or you can buy services from an agency, a private service provider or a voluntary organisation. 

If you are unhappy with your budget

If you think the care budget you are offered is not enough, you do not have to accept it. Discuss this with your social care worker who will advise you on what you should do, which may include how to make a complaint.


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