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  • Help getting online

    Groups who can help you to get online and learn how to use a computer.

  • Professional help

    If you have been diagnosed with a mental health problem, the two most common treatments are medication and talking therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy...

  • Self help

    There are many ways you can help yourself feel better. Self-help therapy can be a useful first...

  • Help for carers

    There is no right or wrong way to support someone with a mental health problem.  has useful information if the person you care for has not been diagnosed and you...

  • Equipment to help

    There is a lot of equipment that can help you to carry out daily living tasks; everything from walking aids to grab rails.

  • Help and Kindness

    is a project to bring together information about all kinds of help and support available to people living and working in Dorset....

  • Help and advice

    Sight loss Your sight may have deteriorated gradually as part of a long-term health issue or your sight loss may have happened suddenly. The  have a lot of information...

  • Finding help

    How to find help that meets your needs

  • Help for carers

    If you are caring for a person with dementia, you may sometimes find their behaviour confusing, irritating or difficult to deal with. Advice and support *In addition...

  • Help and support

    Information from the government to help bereaved families, friends or next of kin make important decisions during the COVID-19...

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