Welfare benefits

How to get help with benefits.

Rules and how to apply for benefits

The benefits system is complex and many changes have come in over the past few years - with more still to come. Getting benefits can depend on:

  • if you are working full time, part time or not at all
  • if you have a disability or a health condition
  • your age
  • who lives with you
  • if you are caring for somebody

Some benefits are based on whether you have paid enough National Insurance - these are called 'contribution-based' benefits. Others are paid because you are entitled to a basic level of income whether or not you have paid enough contributions, these means-tested benefits are also referred to as 'income-based' benefits.

Some benefits do not depend on either of these things, but are paid because you have additional needs such as a disability. 

Capital and savings

For benefits that are means-tested or 'income based', if you have capital of over £16,000 you are not entitled to any help. Pension Credit is different - you can have over this amount and still qualify. Capital can include:

  • savings
  • stocks and shares
  • property other than your main home

Living in the UK

For many benefits you need to be resident in the UK and have been here for a certain period before claiming. You may not be able to claim if you are subject to certain immigration controls. In these situations before making a claim.

Care needs

Some benefits are given because of your care needs. This means that you need help with looking after yourself or you need supervision because you are a danger to yourself or others. If you have a terminal illness you are automatically treated as having care needs.


The state pension age is under review and may change in the future.

More information and advice

Some government helplines are listed under the individual benefit information; there are also  phone contacts (opens in a new window) for the main disability benefits.

Your local  Citizens Advice (opens in a new window) can provide advice and help. Details of other organisations who can help can be found in our service provider directory.

Applying for benefits

The government provides  advice on pensions (opens in a new window) and  benefits (opens in a new window).

You can also apply for benefits with them online or over the telephone.

Benefits calculators (opens in a new window) allow you (or someone on your behalf) to enter information about yourself online and find which benefits are available to you.

Home visits

You may be able to get a home visit from a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) officer to help you with your benefit claim, for example if you are housebound.

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