The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 provides guidance for local authorities to support people with care and support needs. It brought together all previous adult social care legislation.

Our key duties under the Act are: 

  • promoting individual well-being; 

  • preventing needs for care and support; 

  • promoting integration of care and support with health services; 

  • providing information and advice; 

  • promoting diversity and quality in provision of services; 

  • co-operating generally; and

  • co-operating in specific cases. 


Other aspects of the Care Act cover: 

  • care standards, including increasing the independence of the Care Quality Commission; 

  • ratings for hospitals and care homes; 

  • health, including setting up Health Education England; 

Find out more 

The Department of Health has published a series of fact sheets about the Care ActParliament also has information about the Act. 

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