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Continuing healthcare (CHC) helps you with health care needs that come from a disability, accident or illness.

The continuing healthcare (CHC) assessment

Step 1 - initial screening

First of all, a CHC checklist will be completed with you to see if you are likely to be eligible for CHC funding. This is usually carried out in hospital or at home by a nurse, doctor or other health care professional or social care worker.

They will assess your general health and care needs and the checklist will cover:

  • behaviour
  • cognition (understanding)
  • communication
  • psychological and emotional needs
  • mobility
  • nutrition (food and drink)
  • continence
  • skin including wounds and ulcers
  • breathing
  • symptom control through drug therapies and medication
  • conditions that affect consciousness such as seizures or TIA (mini stroke)
  • other significant care needs

Fast track assessment

Please note that if your health, or that of someone you care for, seems to be getting worse quite quickly, ask your doctor, nurse, occupational therapist or other health professional about getting a CHC fast track assessment.

Step 2 - the assessment

If the CHC checklist indicates that you may meet the criteria for CHC funding, a more detailed assessment will be carried out. This will be by a team of two or more health and social care professionals who are involved in your care.

The team will use the same areas as the CHC checklist above but will go into a lot more detail.

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