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Suppliers of equipment to help with every day living, remaining mobile and staying independent

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  • The UK's largest emergency alarm monitoring provider - we sell personal emergency alarms and telecare monitoring equipment to keep you safe in your home and out and about.

    • Appello: 0333 321 6470
  • You don't have to lose your independence as you get older, because with our assisted living telecare personal alarm service providing you with a little bit of help, you can still do the normal things in life that are important to you.

    • Aster Living - Telecare Personal Alarm Service: 0333 400 8222
  • Information on assistive technology for people with dementia. We are a charity that works to promote high quality care and services for people with dementia through consultancy, project work, education and information and advice on assistive technologies.

    • AT Dementia: 0115 74 84220
  • Bournemouth Careline is a 24 hour service for use in an emergency or when assistance or reassurance is needed.

    • Bournemouth Careline: 01202 454979
  • The go anywhere, anytime personal emergency response service.

    • Buddi: 0800 978 8800
  • Canary is a monitoring system designed to help people live in their own homes for longer. It works by monitoring movement and temperature levels within the home. It doesn't use cameras or microphones and offers peace of mind while still respecting your loved one's privacy.

    • Canary Systems: 01865 408366
  • Care Messenger makes keeping in touch easy for everybody, using technology everyone can cope with. It allows you to send messages and pictures from your mobile or computer, straight to a television screen, using our simple box.

    • Care Messenger: 0191 206 4004
  • We supply and install secure Care-Cameras enabling family members to "keep an eye" on loved ones night and day from their PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

    • Gaye Illsley: 020 3633 0110
  • CareCalls is a reassurance or reminder call service that will ring your loved one each day to make sure they are safe and well, or remind them to do tasks such as taking medication.

    • CareCalls: 0117 3357 999
  • A Careline alarm is perfect for anyone who could be vulnerable at home, including older people, disabled people, people with health problems and people at risk of violence or theft. Careline alarms are especially useful for people at risk of falling.

    • Careline 365: 0800 101 3333
  • Centra Pulse provides telecare support for you or your relative to maintain independence both in and out of your home.

    • Centra Pulse: 0300 333 2012
  • Chubb Community Care's assistive technology solutions promotes freedom, independence and quality of life for the individual, and offer full peace of mind for carers.

    • Chubb Community Care: 0844 561 1316 (access and service charges apply)
  • Easylink UK are manufacturers and distributors of consumer care industry electronics.

    • Easylink UK: 01536 264869
  • Here&there is the discreet home monitoring and alert system that enables your relative to live independently at home while bringing peace of mind to your family.

    • Here&there: 01962 870980
  • Just Checking is an easy-to-use online activity monitoring system that helps people who are becoming forgetful stay independent in their own home.

    • Just Checking: 01564 785100
  • Lifeline 24 offer a premier personal alarm service for frail, elderly or disabled people living anywhere in the UK.

    • Lifeline24: 0800 999 0400
  • Living made easy is an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living. We also have links to equipment you can buy at providers across the country.

    • Helpline: 0300 999 0004
  • Medvivo is a 24 hour personal emergency monitoring service, which helps you to stay safe and independent in your own home.

    • Medvivo: 01305 755800
  • Mi-Guardian is a personal alarm service that enables people to retain their independence and continue living in their own home. Worn as a pendant or wristband, Mi-Guardian provides peace of mind by linking the user to vital assistance or friends and family, at the touch of a button.

    • Mi-guardian: 0800 130 0011
  • Millbrook Healthcare is an online store supplying a range of lifestyle products, accessories and aftercare solutions for all your healthcare needs.

    • Millbrook Healthcare: 0800 130 0011 (for Mi-guardian telecare system) or 0333 003 0010 (for Dorchester and Blandford Mi-life Centres)
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