Eating for good health

Advice on how to eat well, stay hydrated and manage your weight.

Help during the COVID-19 pandemic if you are unable to get to the shops

There is help available for people unable to get to the shops through Together We Can (opens in a new window).


Shopping for food can sometimes be a problem, whether it is because you can't get to the shops easily or if you find shopping physically difficult.

Community transport schemes can help you to get to local supermarkets and shops.

Shopping assistance services are run by many supermarkets where a member of their staff can help you to shop and pack. You can also order your shopping online and have it delivered from many supermarkets and local stores.

Some Good Neighbour schemes (opens in a new window) can help you with your shopping.

Supermarket delivery

Most of the major supermarkets offer a delivery service, including:

Assistance with shopping in-store

Some supermarkets offer help with shopping in their stores.  Here are a few; find your local store to check if they offer this service:

Other ways to shop

Sainsbury's offer a telephone shopping service for people who are housebound and cannot travel to the shops or those who cannot manage online shopping by allowing them to make shopping orders over
the telephone.  The service us available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 0800 328 1700.  

Food Preparation

Equipment may help you if you have difficulty preparing or cooking meals, or if you find eating and drinking difficult.

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