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Advice on how to eat well, stay hydrated and manage your weight.


Shopping for food can sometimes be a problem, whether this is because you can't get to the shops easily or if you find shopping physically difficult.

Community transport schemes can help you to get to local supermarkets and shops.

Shopping assistance services (opens in a new window) are run by many supermarkets where a member of their staff can help you to shop and pack. You can also order your shopping online and have it delivered from many supermarkets and local stores.

Some  Good Neighbour schemes (opens in a new window) can help you with your shopping.

Food Preparation

Equipment may help you if you find it difficult to prepare or cook meals, or find eating and drinking hard.

Independent Living Centres can help if you're not sure what equipment will help. This is a great way to see and try out equipment without any pressure. Some items of equipment can even be borrowed for free, to try at home.

Page last updated: 24/01/2018 12:16
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