Eligibility for adult social care services

We are not able to support everyone. We use guidelines set out in the Care Act 2014 to decide who is eligible for our help. These guidelines are designed to make sure that everyone has fair and equal access to care and support services.


These 3 questions are used to work out whether you are eligible for care and support from the council:

  1. Do your needs arise from an illness, a physical disability including frailty, or a mental illness?
  2. Do these needs mean you are unable to achieve two or more of the tasks or 'outcomes' below?
  3. As a result of this, is there likely to be a significant impact on your wellbeing?

You must meet all three of the criteria stated above to be eligible.


​When considering your eligibility for care and support services, we look at 'outcomes'. This means we look at the impact of your physical or mental impairment on your daily life. We measure this by checking if you are unable to achieve two or more of the following tasks:

  • eating and drinking properly
  • having good personal hygiene
  • managing toilet needs
  • being appropriately dressed
  • being safe at home
  • keeping your home clean and tidy
  • having personal relationships
  • taking part in work, training, education or volunteering
  • using services in the local community like public transport
  • caring for your child

​If you meet all the criteria and are unable to achieve the tasks above, the next stage would be to complete a supported assessment.

For more details about eligibility criteria please see our  eligibility policy (opens in a new window).

Not eligible for help

Our finding help page has lots of information and advice if you are not eligible for help from the council.

Financial Assessment

You may be eligible to receive financial support from the council if you have savings or investments (available capital) of less than £23,250.

Carers Assessment

Carers may be eligible for support from the council whether or not the adult they care for has eligible needs.

If you are a carer, a carers assessment is an opportunity to discuss with your local council your caring role and what support you need.  Contact us if you would like to arrange a carers assessment.

Further information

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