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Information for when you are going into or coming out of hospital.

If you need support when you leave hospital, you will be offered a supported assessment. Health or social care professionals at the hospital will look at what care and support you will need when you get home. This may include;

  • help to undertake daily tasks such as washing and dressing
  • equipment to help with daily living such as walking aids, raised toilet seats and perching stools
  • adaptations to your home such as handrails or ramps
  • whether you need short or long term support

You shouldn't be sent home from hospital until support is in place, services are ready to start, any adaptations have been made and any appropriate equipment has been delivered.

Short term support

Reablement is a short period of intensive support in your home. We will work with you to help you regain old skills, or develop new ones. In most cases, this is all you need to regain your independence and be able to carry on living in your own home.

Please note that the reablement service is available to all adults in Poole, and adults over 65 years old in Bournemouth.

Long term support

You might need long term support to help you to stay in your own home. This can include adaptations to your home or having someone to come and help you.

We have more information about:

Our top ten things to think about will help you to plan your future care, even if you don't need support at the moment.

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