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Care homes are not the only option to consider, there are other housing options and many ways you can get help to stay in your own home.

Care homes and nursing homes

Care homes, also known as residential care homes, are supported by care staff 24 hours a day. District nurses visit residents with medical needs. Nursing homes are different to care homes because they employ qualified nursing staff 24 hours a day.

While care homes offer support, security and companionship, they can restrict freedom and reduce independence.

Moving into a care home is a big decision, we have advice on what to think about when choosing a care home and how to pay for residential care.

We also have advice on financial care planning for the future.

Our top ten things to think about will help you to plan your future care, even if you don't need support at the moment.

Out of area care options

It is possible to move to a care home outside the area in which you currently live in order to be closer to friends or family.

It may be possible for your local council to pay for this if it is assessed to be suitable for your needs.

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