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Practical advice and information for carers.

If you're a carer, you might find it difficult to make time for yourself. But remember that your health is important too. If you're happy and well, you are better able to provide help and support to others. 

Respite care

There is respite available for carers. It's important to take breaks from your caring role. It can be easy to forget to do this, so think about how you are going to organise taking a break (often called respite care).  

If the person you care for has a long term health condition there is a range of support and advice available.

Hospital stays

We have information about hospital stays if you or the person you care for are going into hospital.


You may want to go on holiday with the person you care for but need some support to be able to do this.

We have details of places where you can go for a supported holiday (opens in a new window).

Keeping safe

People with disabilities, mental health problems and dementia may sometimes behave aggressively, either physically or verbally. This can be very distressing for the person and for their carer, family and friends.

The person you care for may become more dependent or challenging in their own behaviour and you will need support to avoid harm to yourself and continue your caring role. Seek advice from your GP or a health professional.

If you have concerns about the welfare of a vulnerable adult and think that they may be at risk of harm or abuse, you should report this.


Some charities have helplines and online forums that can give you advice and support.

Carers UK (opens in a new window) - 0808 808 7777

Alzheimer's Society (opens in a new window) - 0300 222 11 22


Page last updated: 26/02/2018 12:24
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