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Prama Friends

A befriending service for clients, their families, staff and others in Poole, Bournemouth and East Dorset.

Our service is for those who would like someone to give them emotional and perhaps spiritual support. Our volunteer Friends are trained and will get to know a client's needs so that they can feel confident to share concerns, questions and requests for support.

The Friend will then suggest how best these needs can be met. This could be by offering to visit clients themselves or by signposting them to someone else, perhaps from another group or a local church or faith group. The aim is to provide each person with the bespoke service they require.

Keywords: Companionship, Help to find local groups/clubs, Home visits
  1. Name:
    Prama Friends
    Job Title:
    Prama Friends Coordinator
    Moran House
    1 Holes Bay Park
    Sterte Avenue West
    BH15 2AA
    United Kingdom
    01202 207300
Areas served: BH1, BH10, BH11, BH12, BH13, BH14, BH15, BH16, BH17, BH18, BH2, BH21, BH22, BH23, BH24, BH25, BH3, BH31, BH4, BH5, BH6, BH7, BH8, BH9

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