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Advice on how to keep physically fit and active in your community.

Staying physically active

Keeping yourself physically fit and active helps you to lead a healthier life and can make you feel better. Taking part in sports can help you to get out, meet new people and make friends.

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and cancer. It is also good for your mental wellbeing and can help to boost your mood, your self-esteem, help you to sleep better and reduce the risk of stress and depression.

NHS Choices (opens in a new window) has information about health and fitness.

LiveWell Dorset (opens in a new window) is a free service for adults who would like support to change their lifestyle. They have information to help you to stop smoking, increase your physical activity, manage your weight and reduce your alcohol intake.

Active 4 Health (opens in a new window) aims to encourage local people across Christchurch and East Dorset to get and keep active through a wide range of activities to suit location, interest and health need.

We have information about getting out and about, including finding things to do.

Fitness for older people

Regular exercise isn't just for young people. If you are an older person, regular exercise can help you to manage high blood pressure, keep you at a healthy weight and will strengthen your muscles and bones.

Age UK (opens in a new window) has advice on how to keep fit and active for older people.

Staying active can help to reduce your risk of falls. We have more information about preventing trips and falls.

You can find local fitness activities for older people in our service provider directory (opens in a new window).

Stepping into Nature (opens in a new window) run various dementia friendly activities across Dorset, including gentle walks and activities in beautiful natural spaces.

Alzheimer's Society (opens in a new window) has advice on exercise and physical activity for those with dementia.

Fitness and disability

NHS Choices have information about how to get active if you have a  disability (opens in a new window) or are in a wheelchair (opens in a new window).

You can find local fitness activities for people with a disability in our service provider directory (opens in a new window).

Stay active outdoors

Health walks (opens in a new window) are regular short guided walks that take place every week throughout Dorset. These free walks offer a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and meet new people as well as keeping you fit and healthy.

Being outdoors can increase your mental and physical wellbeing.

You can try a range of voluntary and paid occupational activities which use the outdoor environment as a form of therapy. These activities are intended to help those with needs ranging from mild depression to life long learning disability. It also helps with rehabilitation and education.

It includes a large range of activities such as allotment schemes, plant nurseries, riding centres and care farms.

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